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Walkon Reaction : Ankle Foot Orthosis

Walkon Reaction : Ankle Foot Orthosis

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The WalkOn Reaction Ankle Foot Orthosis is lightweight, low profile, and extremely tough. Like other
members of the WalkOn Family, the Reaction is fabricated from a prepreg advanced carbon composite,
and helps users with dosiflexion weakness walk
more naturally.
But the Reaction also takes great advantage of an anteriorly-placed calf cuff and longer strut, which
works in conjunction with ground reaction forces to help extend the user’s knee. This makes it a great
solution for active patients who also have a slight knee extension impairment.
• Heaight = 14.2” (36 cm)
• Sheo Size: Men: 6 - 9 US, Women: 8 1/2 - 10