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Tubingen Hip Abduction Orthosis - Medium

Tubingen Hip Abduction Orthosis - Medium

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The Tubingen hip flexion and abduction orthosis has proved successful in the treatment of hip dysplasia
in infants for more than 25 years. Flexion of the hip joints in excess of 90° with controlled medium
abduction is conducive to maturation of infant hips under conditions similar to those in utero. Parents
especially appreciate the fact that this treatment method does not limit their baby’s freedom of movement.
This means the motor development of the child can proceed normally. Soft pads and hook and
loop closures ensure that the orthosis is comfortable to wear.
• Secure positioning of the hips in natural spread-squat position.
• Individual and reproducible flexion and abduction settings possible.
• Secure and uncomplicated application.
• Soft padding for enhanced wearer comfort.
• Water resistant.
Hip dysplasia without instability (children aged up to 12 months) – hip types IIa, IIb and IIc, stable
according to Graf