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Szafir Red/Blue - 27

Szafir Red/Blue - 27

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Shoes from the Memo Classic collection are classic in form and style, designed for children for allround
activities, both indoor and outdoor. The open upper construction provides maximum comfort
for those who have problems with their feet as well as for those who want to avoid them. They also
have the Memo diagnostic sole to monitor the status of the child’s feet.
• Ankle-high.
• Firm, high thermoplastic heel counter for stabilization.
• Ability to adjust the Velcro straps to different foot widths.
• Anti-shock construction. Two-layer sole system to absorb external impacts.
• Built in Thomas heel for prevention and correction of flat feet.
• Flexible, slip-resistant rubber sole.
• Unique, patented diagnostic sole shows what kind of orthotic innersole to apply to correct common
postural problems of the feet.
• Flat innersole to allow for fitting of orthotics.
• Flexible sole, with wide toe area, to promote good walking.
• Made of natural goat leather with foam padded upper elements for additional comfort.

Size : 27