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Struzzo 2420 - Standing Frames

Struzzo 2420 - Standing Frames

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This device enables the user to assume and maintain an upright position, and to move around indoor
independently without assistance from a carer.
The user is lifted into a standing position by means of a (rechargeable) battery-powered electric motor
operated by hand control, while the movement of the thoracic support has a safety sensor for the user
to stop the standing sequence at any time.
The aid is also provided with a Joystick unit and two motors that allow for the transfers to be carried
out unaided.

Technical Specifications
Weight: 70 kg
Max load: 140 kg
User height: min 140 cm - max 200 cm
Handles-thoracic support assembly: movable - can be lifted up
Servo-assisted lift: electric
Structure height adjustment: electric
Overload protection: electronic
Overload indicator: acoustic
Parking brake: on back caster
Max speed of movement: 2.5 km/h (adjustable)
Frame height from ground: 31 mm
Max climbable step: 20 mm
Max climbable slope: 2 degrees
Average battery charging time: 8 hours