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Standing Frame Paramobil - Size 2

Standing Frame Paramobil - Size 2

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PARAMOBIL™ standing frame
Multifunctionality is the main feature of the PARAMOBIL ™ standing frame . In fact, it is the only device
on the market that combines 3 functions. The product gives us the opportunity to stand in the static
version and walk in the dynamic version, as well as perform leg exercises in the rehabilitative version.
The device can be used in following cases:
• The static version works well for people at the stage of rehabilitation prior to learning to walk,
as well as for those whose dysfunctions exclude the possibility of independent movement. It is
designed to improve the physiological processes and oxygenation of the patient.
• The dynamic version allows you to recover lost or acquire new skills related to locomotion. The
lower limb separator prevents pathological crossing of legs when walking.
• The rehabilitation version is great as a complement to comprehensive therapy.

indicative user height 130 - 190
pelvic pelvic width 37
chest pelvic width 35
pelvic pelvis height 86 - 122
height of the chest support 103 - 147
pelvic support depth 19 - 31
Max User Weight in kg 90