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Stand+ Walk SUPP. Movita Child 1 Thorax 70 cm

Stand+ Walk SUPP. Movita Child 1 Thorax 70 cm

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Standing Support
sustaining physical and psychological well-being. A correct
carriage which reinforces the body, musculature and organism,
and also increases a child’s prospects.
Walking Support Indoor and Outdoor.
Offers a child great freedom of movement, thus encouraging
social relations and intellectual growth, and enhancing
the desire to play and let imagination run free.

• Length: 72cm
• Width: 64,50cm
• Seat height: 25-82,50cm
• Thoracic ring height (side): 63-82,50cm
• Thoracic ring perimeter: 70/90cm
• Wheel dimensions front: 140x30mm
• Wheel dimensions rear: 250x50mm
• Weight: 18kg