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Simple Air Mattress

Simple Air Mattress

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Designed as a cost-effective treatment of pressure injuries at all stages.
Features a range of function including: A/B alternating, static, adjustable
cycle time, and max firm mode.
20 air cells mattress design can incorporate optional low air loss function to
deliver a comfortable therapy experience
Utilized water-resistant and vapor permeable Bi-elastic Nylon/PU top cover
to reduce skin shear and friction.
-air output: 8 liter/min.
-electronic pressure control panel
-pressure range: 20-70mmHg
-cycle time:10/15/20/25min
-alternating/static mode
-alarm reset mode
-auto firm mode
-20 air cells of mattress
-Top cover: bi-elastic PU coating with zipper
-Air cells: Nylon/TPU cell-on-cell (round shape)
-Base: Nylon/PVC
-200cm (L) x 88cm (W) x 20cm (H)
Weight capacity: 180kg
-Strapping CPR valve for emergency procedures
-Pillow function
-Transport function with quick connector
-CE certified