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Silopad Softsock

Silopad Softsock

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Memo diagnostic footwear has positive influence on the child’s foot growth and posture development,
corrects foot complaints and simplifies rehabilitation process of children with functional defects. Diagnostic
Memo System is well known among pediatrists and orthopaedists. It is particularly recommended
for the defects prevention and correction of existing abnormalities/deformities.

• Indicated for neuropathic and rheumatoid arthritis sufferers
• Excellent for any condition that requires a soft, friction absorbing foot bed
• Fluid like properties of the gel help massage and comfort the foot while walking
• Effective in reducing shock and impact on the heel
• Double layer sock with 1/4” (6mm) of gel throughout the sole
• Serves as a soft tissue supplement for fat pad atrophy
• Requires extra depth footwear