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Rifton HTS (Hygiene & Toileting System)
Rifton HTS (Hygiene & Toileting System)
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Rifton HTS (Hygiene & Toileting System)

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Rifton HTS is a hygienic, simple, affordable and adaptable hygiene and toileting system (HTS) designed to improve the health of every child and the life of every caregiver. Rifton HTS includes seat and back, seatbelt, a base or mounting bar, and armrests.

The design of Rifton HTS is ideal for any child and for any toilet as it can be used:

  • ON the toilet - attached with mounting bars
  • OVER the toilet - attached to a mobile or stationary economy base
  • OFF the toilet - with a mobile or stationary base and commode pan


Rifton HTS hygiene toileting system has a lightweight folding frame and comes with an optional carry bag which makes toileting possible while traveling. Rifton HTS is very easy to assemble and disassemble without the need of tools. HTS can be adjusted to accommodate children of varying sizes. The unique design of the seat pad opening facilitates clear access for cleaning and hygiene after toileting making the HTS, easy to clean. Rifton HTS comes equipped with gas assisted springs which allows 15° forward tilt for easy transfers and 15° backward tilt for comfortable showering and hair washing. The height is adjustable from 15" to 21 3/8" while the seat depth is adjustable from 3" - 4".

Adjust the height - One frame accommodates both small and medium seats to allow for children’s growth. Height adjusts from 15" to 21". The large seat requires a separate frame.

Adjust the seat depth - Seat depth adjusts 3"- 4" to fit the child. Overall depth ranges from 8" on the small Rifton HTS to 18" on the large model.

Adjust the backrest - The backrest can be adjusted 6" forward (for proper toileting position), 6" back and 18" back (to assist with showering and hair washing).

Easy lifts and transfers - The Rifton HTS makes them easier with features like a gas-assisted spring tilt adjustment for sit-to-stand transfers, removable armrests for lateral transfers and a weight-bearing footboard (up to 150 lbs.) for front-loading transfers.


  • Durable-Stainless steel and aluminum, welded and powder-coated frames.
  • Foam molded cushions-Optional skin foam pads for back and seat provide comfort for children and easy disinfecting for caregivers.
  • Hygienic design - The unique design of the seat pad opening – open to the rear – facilitates easy access for cleaning and hygiene while clients are still seated and relaxed. Waterproof construction and easy dis-assembly make every element of the Rifton HTS easy to wash and disinfect.
  • Tilt-in-space - With its gas-assisted springs, the Rifton HTS tilts 15" forward for easier transfer, as well as 15" back for showering and hair washing.
  • Protects caregivers - Rifton's new splash guard protects your clothing saving you the inconvenience and time of cleaning up.