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Reflector Cube

Reflector Cube

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• Big cubes construct kids’ dream castle.
• Bring children’s curiosity and desire to explore as well as fulfill their interest of looking into the
• From the distortion of images in the mirror (i.e. faces appear extremely wide or narrow, etc.),
children will not only have a good laugh but also learn about the basic concepts of physics.
• Tactile Cube, Reflector Cube, Construction Tower and Gears can be played together.

• Dimension: 40 × 40 × 5 cm (Lx-
WxH) / pc
• Components: Concave × 1 pc、-
Convex × 1 pc、Flat × 1 pc、Funhouse
Convex × 1 pc、Funhouse
Concave × 1 pc、2 Concave 2
Convex × 1 pc , Total 6 pcs