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Progeo Exelle Vario 2014

Progeo Exelle Vario 2014

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The Progeo Exelle Vario is known for it’s intuitive footplate system that allows the user to swing
the footplates in or out, or remove them completely, with one simple action. The Exelle Vario is also
available with a Dynamic Rear Frame that equips this already capable chair with an adjustable backrest
angle, customisable rear wheel settings, rotatable mudguard adjustment system and additional
camber options. This versatile and lightweight folding chair is available in a variety of smart and
satisfying colours.

Parameter Specifications
Seat Width: 33 / 36 / 39 / 42 / 45 / 48
Seat Depth: 35 / 37.5 / 40 / 42.5 / 45 / 47.5
Seat Height: 40 to 56, adjustable (Front), 38 to 46, adjustable (Rear)
Backrest Height: 30 to 54, adjustable
Backrest Angle: Standard Rear Frame 90° to the seat
Maximum User Weight: 125 kg
Total Length: 90 approx
Total Width: Seat Width + 17cm (with 0° camber)
Total Weight: 10.6 kg approx
Weight without Rear Wheels: 8 kg approx