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Infinity Air Walker - High

Infinity Air Walker - High

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From ligament, soft tissue and tendon injuries to foot fractures – the Infinity Air Walker supports the
user’s recovery in various domains. The Infinity Air Walker lives up to its nickname “Air” in a number
of ways: Thanks to an extremely lightweight design and its slatted frame structure, it is particularly
breathable, provides a comfortable temperature and is characterised by a high degree of wearer
• The orthosis is available in two heights: low and high
• The air cushion allows compression to be applied simply and precisely, without any additional
• Areas of application: ligament, soft tissue and tendon injuries as well as forefoot, metatarsal,
ankle and tarsal fractures
• The Infinity Air Walker can also be used to treat Achilles tendon injuries when appropriate heel
wedges are used.

• Distal fibula fractures
• Stable forefoot, metatarsal and/or ankle fractures
• Ankle sprains
• Soft tissue injuries of the foot
• Infinity Air Walker, high only: Achilles tendon ruptures – with use of heel wedges (15°/30°,
• Infinity Air Walker only: exostosis treatment for hallux valgus