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Heel Relief Orthosis

Heel Relief Orthosis

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Allowing wearers who have suffered a calcaneal fracture to walk again as quickly as possible – that
is the goal of the heel relief orthosis.
• The orthosis relieves the calcaneus by bracing the longitudinal arch and supporting the calf
(“floating heel”).
• Even in cases of bilateral calcaneal fractures, patients can walk nearly normally soon after the
accident or surgery.
• The neuromuscular structures and the calcareous salt content of the bone are influenced in a
positive manner. This prevents damage due to immobilisation.
• The muscle pump acts as a thrombosis prophylaxis. Thanks to additional compression pads, the
load can be increased gradually.
• Treatment time and costs may be lowered. This was demonstrated in a study by the Wuppertal
construction employers’ liability insurance association.
Calcaneal fractures, unilateral and bilateral, Lower ankle arthrodesis