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Full PPod

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• The ‘P’ Pod has been designed and developed by SOS as a simple yet effective postural support
for use by disabled children and adults when indoors in the home or day care environment, the
unique patented design of the ‘P’ Pod combines a symmetrical or custom moulded support
within the simplicity of a conventional Bean Bag base.
• Integration of specialised equipment into the home environment can be difficult due to limitations
on space and access issues, the ‘P’ Pod Seat from SOS gives high levels of postural
support and accommodation for easy use around the home environment.
• Standard or custom made
• Provides simple accommodation of complex seating problems
• Lightweight and easily handled within the home
• Moulded Seat Pod improves effectiveness of the bean bag approach
• Quilted stretch velour covers In a range of colours
• Stylish & comfortable for Everyday Use
• Covers easily removed for cleaning
• Bean bag allows change of position yet maintains support
• Range of accessories available

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