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Full MSI & Mojo Medium

Full MSI & Mojo Medium

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• The MoJo is available in different sizes depending on age group, size and weight. The MoJo
Midi has a recommended maximum load of 90kg (including the seating system). Please see
the MoJo Midi and Maxi for more configuration information.
• Child/Young Adult special seating wheelbase
• Lightweight steel framed structure
• Tilt in space and fixed frame versions
• Passed Crash test (ISO 7176 Part 19)
• ISO 16840 Part 4 (Draft) approved
• CE European Medical Equipment Marked
• Height adjustable folding handles
• 3 rear wheel positions for extra stability if required
• Moulded seating remains one of the most effective forms of
seating in the special seating field being able to accommodate
the most complex of seating needs. It provides support,
moulded around the user to ensure they are well supported and
• All Moulded Seats are custom built for the individual user and
can be used with a wide range of mobility bases.